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Assisting the Unhoused
and More!


 ReleaseTheZeal LLC is very passionate about helping people in the community. We serve others and try to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing practical and spiritual needs. We are blessed to have partnered with churches to give jackets to the community and we enjoy personally handing out packs filled with the items you see above (Toilet tissue, two pairs of socks, a water bottle, journal, a pen, soap, a wash cloth, toothpaste, toothbrush with cover, hair brush, shampoo, hand sanitizer, bath luffa, lotion, razor, q-tips, scarfs, feminine products and hair ties for women and most importantly a Holy Bible (in English or Spanish) with a letter of encouragement inside.)
Please feel free to contact us if you feel led to donate to help us continue this kind of giving & more! 

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